The Big Problem is North Korea Slams Malaysia - North Korea has harshly criticized Malaysia's manipulation of the suspected calumny of the half-brother of North Korean deceiver Kim Jong Un.

The North's state-run Korean Central News Agency on Thursday released a statement by a spokesperson for the Korean Jurists Committee.

It is the country's rank response via say media to the change of Kim Jong Nam endure hebdomad in KL, tho' it didn't notice his kinsfolk.

The statement said a North Korean individual carrying a diplomatical characteristic died. It claimed North Korea has extraterritorial power as the man was a politic characteristic bearer.

It also accused Malaysian policy of violating North Korea's dominion by performing a postmortal.

The evidence said the biggest trustworthiness for the decease rests with the polity of Malaysia, as a North Korean citizen died in its industrialist.

It criticized the investigating by Malaysian guard as nonexistent loveliness and nourished of contradictions. It accused the investigators of purposefully implicating the Northwards.

Thursday's statement follows the wild reaction vocal by the North Korean embassy in Malaysia. <zd>
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